Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance


Disability Insurance replaces a portion of the employee’s income when they are away from work because of an illness or disability. While Disability Insurance will not replace all of a person’s income, it will provide wage replacement benefits.

“Protect yourself and your family from unforeseeable loss or disability. “

Lump Sum Disability plan for Professionals with optional cash value

This plan provides a lump sum disability amount versus a monthly benefit to age 65 years old. It protects an organization in the event they need funds immediately to buy the disabled person’s share of the business. This lump sum can also be used to cover expenses while a person recovers from disability, or while the disabled person requires a monthly income to address their family’s needs.

60 month Disability plan for Professionals with optional cash

This plan provides a monthly benefit for a covered disability if the insured is unable to perform the material duties of his/her chosen occupation. This plan is a solution for the person who wants an income replacement coverage at an affordable price.

Cash Protector plan

This plan provides you the security you need to handle related expenses not covered by your major medical plan. Benefits are payable after the policy has been in effect for 180 days, on the occurrence of a first diagnosis of the insurance with any of the following: Cancer, heart attack, stroke, blindness, coma, hearing loss, loss of speech, paralysis or non-occupational accidental death. The Cash Protector plan gives you the security you need at the time you and your loved ones need it.

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