Why can you depend on star
Why Depend on Star?
  1. We undertake the process of providing the best solution for your insurance needs within the required time frame, which include:
    1. Assessing your needs and objectives to develop a customized strategic benefit plan, aiming at minimizing rising health care costs, while reducing risk and improving efficiency
    2. Reviewing the local group insurance market as well as our two international carriers for the best products
    3. Preparing comparison on rates, benefits, services and sustainability
    4. Creativity in providing coverage for the various levels of employees
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Our Team

We are staffed with a team of experienced Licensed Professionals who are dedicated to offer you the best service available in The Bahamas. We believe in taking personal responsibility for helping our customers. We keep our promises and treat our clients and each other in a caring manner, providing courteous individual attention. We believe in the power of Team Work.

Enjoy our friendly, professional atmosphere. Receive expert advice and remember… You Can Depend on Us

Our team
| + | | - | James M. Pinder
As the Chairman, Mr. Pinder provides leadership and direction to the growth and the development of the company. His wealth of knowledge and experience speaks volumes to his accomplishments over the many years in the insurance industry.
T: 676-0800
| + | | - | Herbert H. Thompson
As the President/CEO, Mr. Thompson provides strategic leadership for the company to establish short and long-term goals, plans and strategies. The success of the company is due to Mr. Thompson’s wealth of financial knowledge he brings to table, shareholders and the company at large.
T: 676-0800
| + | | - | Linda Jarrett
FLMI, Vice President
As the Division Leader, Linda Jarrett is a well respected, knowledgeable insurance veteran who has worked in Senior Management roles with some of the leading insurance companies.​

T: 461-0300
| + | | - | Kendrick Campbell
CA, CPA, Bsc Vice President Chief Financial Office
Mr. Kendrick Campbell is a Chartered Accountant licensed with the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accounts and the Georgia State Board of Accountancy. Mr. Campbell has over 20 years of Professional Accounting experience.
T: 676-0800
| + | | - | Sonia Knowles
CM, Business Development Manager
Sonia Knowles has been in the insurance industry for over 20 plus years. She is responsible for the tactical path of leading and elevating the Sales Team.​

T: 688-7821
| + | | - | Sheari Strachan
MBA, BA, Mgr., Human Resources/Administration
Sheari Strachan brings a wealth of experience coupled with qualifications to the table. She plans, directs and coordinates the administrative functions of the company. ​
T: 688-7822
| + | | - | Tamara Prosa
Senior Account Representative
Tamara Prosa has over 15 years of insurance experience with the company and is responsible for generating new business, retaining the existing business and maintaining profitable customer relationships.​
T: 461-0302
| + | | - | Sonja Gibson
STI, FLMI, PCS, AIAA, ARC, ARA, ACS, Supervisor/Administration
Sonja Gibson brings years of insurance and compliance experience to this role. She assists with the overall administrative functions of the company.​
T: 461-0303
| + | | - | Karen Hanchell
Office Coordinator
Karen Hanchell helps with creating a more productive environment, while ensuring that our clients receive the support they need.​

T: 461-0306
| + | | - | Sophia Major
ACSM, Customer Service Representative, Renewals
Sophia Major is responsible for renewals and soliciting new business to the company. ​

T: 688-7828
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